How to Install Dune

Dune is available as an Opam package. First, make sure that Opam is installed:

$ opam --version

Any version higher than 2.0.0 is supported, though preferably at least 2.1.0.

If Opam is not available, follow the official instructions on the Opam website to install it and then run its global setup with opam init.


Opam requires a “shell hook” to work properly. Make sure to set it up correctly during opam init. Otherwise you will have to run eval $(opam env) every time you create an Opam switch or change directory.

Then, you can install Dune in an Opam switch using the following command:

$ opam install dune

After the command completes, the following should display a version number:

$ dune --version


In most cases, when using Opam you will not need to install Dune by hand. Installing the project’s dependencies will install it in the Opam switch.